Lake Lanier Walleye Fishing / Walleye Fishing In Georgia

Guided Walleye Fishing On Lake Lanier/ Lake Rabun/ Lake Burton Walleye Charters /Georgia Walleye Fishing Video

Walleye fishing  in Georgia is Great!  We have five lakes that we offer Walleye trips on in Georgia.  The lakes include, Lake Burton, Lake Seed, Lake Rabun, Lake Yonah, and Lake Lanier.  These lakes have high populations of 3 to 4lbs fish with bigger fish being in the 8 to 10lbs range.  We offer both live bait and artificial techniques for catching Walleye, both of these produce fish.  These fish are also tasty!

Walleye Fishing in Georgia Lake Lanier/ Lake Rabun/Lake Burton

Lake Burton Walleye Fishing Lake Burton Walleye