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Lake Burton Fishing Report

Water Temp: 82deg
Water level: full pool
Clarity: clear

The Bass bite has been really good this Summer compared to years in the past. We seem to have a very healthy population of Spotted Bass and Large Mouth Bass. Most of the Large Mouth bites have been earlier in the day. These fish are holding close to structure ( docks, brush piles) in the 9 to 20ft depths. We have had good success using swim baits and prop baits (Duo Realis)for the bigger fish. Work these baits a little slower this time of year. These fish are not quick to take the bait but are typically bigger Bass. The Spotted Bass bite has been great on and near the main lake channels. The Spots are doing there normally routine follow the schools of Blue-Back Herring up and down the lake. Fishing long points with brush and grass has been most effective. A Drop Shot rig with a white or Pumpkin Seed Senko has bee in the go to bait. These fish are holding on a 18 to 25 ft bottom. Look for these fish to start transitioning a little shallower over the next few weeks as we head towards October.
Yellow Perch
The Yellow Perch bite has been consistent lately. We have caught Perch in 8ft of water and 20ft of water. Most of the fish we have been catching have been caught on Crappie jigs or small Robo worms drip Shot rigs. Look for the grass beds in the backs of the creeks. Having a good fish finder really helps finding the grass and perch. We use both structure scan and a Regular fish finder. Some creeks have more grass than others. This is where I would concentrate on finding the bigger Yellow Perch. Good Luck!
Wes Carlton

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