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Lake Burton Fishing Report

Lake Burton Fishing Report

Water Temp: 53deg

Water clarity: stained

Water Level : 6ft below full pool & rising 

The Bass bite has been good the last day or two. We are in a normal winter pattern. The spoon bite has been the most consistent bite lately 28 to 35 ft bottom in the middle of the creeks. We have had a lot of rain the last couple of weeks. This has warmed the water temps a little. Most of the creeks have been stained from this rainfall. There has been a significant amount of floating debris. We have caught some surfacing fish in and around this floating debris on top water baits like  Spro Sashimmy 125 white. This pattern should continue for the next few weeks. Look for the water levels to continue to raise with the heavy rainfalls. Be careful of floating logs. Some of these are submerged. 
Brown Trout

The bite has been a little slow lately. We have caught a few decent fish on the main lake channel mid lake. Look for surfacing action around the floating debris. These trout are feeding on the live bait in and on the floating logs grass etc. The Brown Trout bite should continue to get better as we head towards February. Jerk baits casted around the banks and brush will be the go to technique soon!
Good Luck!

Wes Carlton

Georgia Lake Fishing

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